Liberta Typeface


Liberta is a parametric opentype font family developed by a team of 6 people in only 6 days, using Type and Code to speed up the process. There are developed a set made of 3 fonts. They vary depending on the assigned modules by level of complexity, made the letter's structure more complex by adding 2 or 3 rows and columns to the layout and applying the same principle. It's able to generate this 3 variants using simple forms, starting from a square & then adding circles, triangles, sections and compositions of them.

Liberta is a district of Bari - where the workshop took place, and in italian means 'freedom', as the aim of this typeface was to give to the final user: Officina Degli Esordi, the freedom to type, create layouts and graphics instantaneously and with a variety of 'modules' to choose from.