Host Grotesk Typeface


Host Grotesk is an innovative uniwidth sans-serif typeface tailored for modern user interfaces, ensures uniform letter width and spacing across its five weights and corresponding italics, aiming  seamless adaptability without compromising layout consistency.

As a uniwidth typeface, Host Grotesk facilitates smooth transitions between font weights without disrupting the overall design coherence and layouts. For instance, a button's size remains constant even when the font weight increases in a hover state. Similarly, making a part of a sentence bolder doesn't push the letters to the next row.

Host Grotesk is calibrated for both display and text applications, the monolinear stroke thickness and closed terminals complement the simple construction of letterforms, making it an obvious choice for the digital medium. Proportions sit between a generous geometric sans and a compact grotesque, allowing usage in display sizes as well as small body copy.

The Host Grotesk family is open source and built on Jonny Pinhorn's beloved “Poppins”. While most letters are reworked and modified for the new look and duplexed proportions, Poppins' soft and approachable essence remains visible. A reliable and cohesive type family for user interfaces, branding, and communication materials, combining contemporary workhorse category with the elevated functionality of uniwidth proportions.