Besley Typeface


Besley* is an antique slab serif, meaning it features larger, sturdier serifs, while retaining a traditional stroke width variance. Besley* is named after Robert Besley, creator of Clarendon.

Besley* comes with italics and a bold that actually  bold. It looks good on screen and in print. An antique slab serif that didn’t have weird and gimmicky irregularities. A font that is at once welcoming and approachable, while remaining trustworthy and sturdy. It's timeless, that feels of-the-time. A font that is immediately familiar, while providing subtle surprises.

Besley* has the boldest weight available of any antique slab serif with a matching text weight on the market. And it comes with matching italics. So you can use Besley* for the big, attention grabbing titles, and it's text weight for your body paragraphs.