Fustat Typeface


Fustat Arabic is a typeface that draws its inspiration from the traditional manuscript Kufi style. The typeface uniquely balances modernization with the authentic elements of Arabic script. It supports a large number of languages that use Arabic script, and includes a number of OpenType features for finer typography, including stylistic sets, proportional and tabular digits, super/subscripts, and fractions. Additionally, Fustat is a variable that providing dynamic flexibility for various design applications, and includes seven pre-defined weight instances: ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, and ExtraBold.

Fustat Latin designed by Laura Garcia Mut, was developed to match the Arabic script, implementing features and subtle details from the Arabic strokes and flows. With a mix of simple grotesque structure and other geometric forms, it is a very low-contrast sans serif family with a neutral and kind texture. With a high x-height, it works in many sizes and purposes, allowing compact consistency. It supports a Latin Extended glyph set, and includes many OpenType features and Stylistic Sets with alternate geometric forms and tailed ends, looking for a more connected feeling.

Fustat is optimized for web usage, offering an authentic yet contemporary presence online. It is ideal for titles due to its distinct style, yet it also performs well in body text, ensuring readability. This makes it perfect for creating a strong, authentic brand identity with a modern twist. The typeface supports both Arabic and Latin scripts, making it versatile for bilingual design projects. Its extensive character set and the manuscript-inspired modern approach to Kufi style ensure that it meets diverse design needs.

Embrace the rich heritage of the Kufi manuscript style with the modern versatility of Fustat, the go-to typeface for authentic and contemporary Arabic design.