TT Trailers Typeface


The first version of TT Trailers was conceived as a font suitable for the film industry. The font harmoniously looks in posters, it is ideally suited for setting titles. However, the font has gained wide popularity among designers, and now you can find TT Trailers on the covers of magazines, on restaurant signs and on the main pages of websites.

Since 2019 when we released the first version, the TypeType studio team has released dozens of fonts, constantly improving our skills. In 2022, we decided to look at TT Trailers again, improving and expanding the font.

In the new TT Trailers, we expanded the character set, corrected the contours, and improved the technical content. We have added extended Latin and Cyrillic characters, new symbols, and additional sets of numbers. The number of glyphs in one style has increased from 1081 to 1242. The inclined styles were long-awaited. The italics in TT Trailers are as eccentric as the upright fonts. The 15-degree tilt looks absolutely harmonious, complementing the character of the font family. We added italics to the variable font, so the new font changes along two axes at once, weight and slant. From the technical point of view, TT Trailers has become more modern and correct, and the number of OpenType features has increased from 29 to 42. We have added new alternative versions of glyphs and created a large number of localized features.

The font retained all the qualities thanks to which designers fell in love with it, but became even more convenient. TT Trailers in the new version is suitable for titles and posters, for websites and printed materials. The font will embellish in restaurant and cafe signs and look beautiful in posters.