ZT Talk Font


Behind every character lies an extraordinary story. ZT Talk is not just a font; it is a silent witness to a journey filled with struggle and courage to create something unforgettable.

With five distinct variants - Condensed, Semi Condensed, Normal, Semi Expanded, and Expanded - and eight stunning weights from Light to Black, ZT Talk is an unstoppable vehicle for your imagination. Every character, every dot, and every line is a call to explore diversity and complexity in design.

  • 80 Styles: Offering a wide collection of 80 unique styles, ZT Talk provides unparalleled flexibility in design.
  • 5 Variant Varieties: Condensed, Semi Condensed, Normal, Semi Expanded, and Expanded
  • 8 Weights & Italic: Spanning from Light to Black, eight weights provide clear and effective text hierarchy.
  • 8 free styles (Regular, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold / Italic)
  • Extensive Compatibility: Available in OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, EOT formats, ensuring compatibility with various design platforms and applications.
  • Multi-Language Support: With support for multiple languages and accents, ZT Talk allows you to reach a global audience effortlessly.
  • Consistent Cohesion: Despite its many styles, ZT Talk offers consistent visual cohesion throughout its font family, ensuring harmony in your designs.
  • Modern and Elegant Design: With a modern touch and sharp angles, ZT Talk exudes an elegant impression suitable for various contemporary design projects.
  • Optimal Quality: Carefully crafted for optimal quality, ZT Talk delivers the clarity and perfection expected from a premium font.

The quest for perfection never ends. From complex lines of code to intricate design details, every touch in ZT Talk is carefully considered. Each variant, each weight - all meticulously arranged to create the perfect balance between clarity and beauty.

ZT Talk is a call to build an extraordinary story. From stunning branding to captivating layouts, ZT Talk is a loyal companion ready to help bring every creative vision to life. Welcome to a new era of design expression, where every point and letter becomes part of an unforgettable narrative.