TT Ricks Typeface


TT Ricks is a flamboyant elzevir-type serif, for which the words “cute” or “calm” are not a fitting definition. TT Ricks can be classified as a display title typeface that works especially well at large and medium sizes in packaging design, book graphics and posters.

The typeface is inspired by the pre-digital font “De Vinne”, which was designed in 1892 by the designer Gustav F. Schroeder. We liked certain aspects of the historical prototype, but at the same time, when creating TT Ricks, we did not want to limit ourselves—on the contrary, we were eager to discover a completely new spirit and bring bright details to the font.

The TT Ricks typeface stands out for its strong contrast, noticeable sharp serifs, narrow letterforms with a pronounced displacement of flows in the arches. The typeface has very dense spacing, and in the bold style, the text set begins to resemble Gothic by its richness and tension.

Important visual features of TT Ricks are the dashing shapes of ascenders and descenders, the thin and sharp stroke endings, and the “elzevier legs” of the letters R K k. In the lowercase round characters c e s, you can notice the pronounced slope of the oval, which contrasts with the general set of the font. These "slanted" signs and ascenders and descenders of the letters f and y are designed to cut the monotony of a set and to entertain the reader's eyes.