Adelphe Typeface


Adelphe is a serif typeface whose main challenge is to offer several ways to practice inclusive writing on long text, in small size, and without altering typographic gray. Its name, which means both brother and sister in a non-gendered way, is widely used within queer activist communities. But it is also a word that finds its etymology in ancient Greek, like scholarly words. And there is a will with this character to go on this ground, on the ground of the culture which defines itself as “high” and scholarly. And, thus, not to allow the history of language and writing to be confiscated by the conservative camp. This is why the Adelphe, in its design, presents classic proportions, inherited from the Renaissance, and a layout close to calligraphy, with a fluidity in the ductus which makes it possible to produce harmonious forms, including in the design of the inclusive signs.

There are 3 versions of the Adelphe which offer 3 different ways to practice inclusive writing. The Adelphe Germinal in which the midpoint is used, the Adelphe Floréal in which the first letters of the masculine and feminine endings are marked by subscripted diacritics (accents under the letters), and the Adelphe Fructidor which combines the use of an alternate form of "e" and ligatures.