Solide Mirage Font


Solide Mirage is a display serif typeface inspired by both the Didone genre and the music of Frànçois And The Atlas Mountains. Solide Mirage is an unicase, encouraging the user to stir lowercases and uppercases together. If the caps remains quite classical, the lowercases show a stronger temperament. All the lowercases that should have ascenders or descenders, as the b, d, p or q are the most suprising, with there compressed shapes and long serifs.

Solide Mirage began as a squared monospaced typeface, for practical layout reasons, quickly followed by a proportional companion, a more narrow design to allow subtler text layouts. Both typefaces have ornemental alternates A, O and V inheriting the zig-zag spirit of the album cover created by the visual artist Tatiana Defraine. A small set of ornaments completes the letter shapes for flourishing layouts.