Murs Memes Font


The crazy experiment called Murs Memes is an unusual and exciting exploration of what the letters of one alphabet would look like if it consisted exclusively of modules or entire characters from another alphabet, numbers, currency symbols, and punctuation.

Murs Memes is unique in that it has overturned standard notions of alphabet creation. Here the Latin alphabet was redesigned based on Cyrillic characters, numbers, punctuation, and currency symbols, while Cyrillic, on the contrary, grew out of Latin and additional characters.

The letters are recreated with the condition that it is not a constructor and that minimal manipulations will be made with the positioning of modules and an absolute absence of changes in the shape of the module contours. A straightforward and simple approach allowed for finding unusual creative solutions. Neverless, some letters remain familiar and recognizable, serving as visual anchors. This applies to similar common letters of the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

Murs Memes is designed based on the free font Murs Gothic Wide Dark, which is collective image of American Gothic style from 19th and early 20th centuries.