SN Pro Typeface


SN Pro is a friendly sans serif typeface designed for the Supernotes app. The font family is based on Nunito, a brilliant rounded font designed by Vernon Adams, and has carefully re-designed characters, improved support for Markdown and ligatures.

We took it upon ourselves to re-think each and every character lowering cap heights, improving kerning (spacing between characters), and modifying any quirky characters that looked a bit out of place, such as the Q and t.

We also gave SN Pro a little flair, such as a swish in the lowercase ā€œeā€. To finish off we also modified the font weight ratios, so that bold would be bolder and more distinct.

With our community testing, SN Pro was consistently voted to be more clear and readable. Another modification was adjusting numerals to be proportional, again improving the kerning for different scenarios.

To wrap up, we included arrows, circular numbers, and improved symbols for use within Markdown ā€“ the commonly used text markup language that Supernotes is built around.

SN Pro is available in eight different weights ranging from Thin to Black. Currently only Latin and Cyrillic are supported but we will be increasing support for other languages in the future.