Playwrite Slovensko Font


Playwrite is a typeface engine that allows the creation of primary school cursive fonts.

In 2020, the latest iteration of the Rámcový Učebný Plán, or Framework Curriculum, was published by the Ministerstvo. It provides a sample of fully-joined, cursive writing based on Zjednodušená psací latinka, or Simplified Latin script, which was ratified by the government of erstwhile Czechoslovakia in 1932. According to the curriculum, students must learn to write based on this model, following its letter shapes as well as slant.

The Ministerstvo has been sharing this model with private publishers since 1993, and in the absence of an official digitisation, publishers have produced their own versions for use in their textbooks. Until 2020, schools only received government funding for purchasing textbooks if they did so from state-verified publishers, though that is no longer the case.

This slanted continuous cursive features medium to short extenders and is executed at a slow stroke speed. The capital letters maintain a cursive, mostly unadorned structure, with distinctive traits such as an unusually constructed 'Q' and a vertical spine in 'S'. Lowercase letters have loops on extenders but lack knots, with the exception of the German-style 't'. Several lowercase letters begin with curved entry strokes. The letter 'z' is styled in a plain italic form and does not have a descender.