Pass A38 Typeface


Pass A38 (Lasciapassare A38) is a variable font derived from Titillium Web of the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino (with some modifications); the Titillium Web font has been adopted for public administration sites in Italy.

Pass A38 is a versatile and contemporary typeface designed to deliver exceptional legibility and aesthetic appeal across various digital platforms. Developed with a focus on clarity and modernity, Pass A38 is a sophisticated sans-serif font that strikes the perfect balance between professional functionality and visual elegance.

Pass A38 boasts a clean and streamlined design, with a subtle nod to humanist sans-serif characteristics. Its open letterforms, generous spacing, and balanced proportions contribute to an overall readability that makes it an ideal choice for web typography and digital interfaces.

The font's extensive range of weights and styles provides flexibility in design, allowing for seamless integration in a diverse array of projects. From sleek and minimalist websites to content-rich digital platforms, Pass A38 font adapts effortlessly to various visual contexts, making it a reliable choice for web designers and developers alike.