Playwrite Magyarország Font


Playwrite is a typeface engine that allows the creation of primary school cursive fonts.

The most recent version of the National Core Curriculum, published in 2020, describes exercises aimed at preparing students for writing, and emphasises the acquisition of reading skills and comprehension. It does not mention any models for handwriting instruction. However, an official teacher’s manual called Tanítói Kézikönyv prescribes the use of workbooks published by the Minisztere through its Oktatási Hivatal, or Educational Authority.

There are several handwriting instruction books in the catalogue, and among them the most popular series are Írás Munkafüzet and Betubarangolo, both edited by the staff of the Oktatási Hivatal and with visual and typographic design by László Kajtár. These publications follow the most common approach used in handwriting education in Hungary: both print and cursive letters are introduced from first grade, and the cursive letters are upright, wide, round, and have looped extenders.

Inspired by the Sütterlin German style, this vertical continuous cursive features short and sometimes looped ascenders and descenders. The script is rounded and slowly constructed, with subtly decorative uppercase letters. The lowercase 'f' features a single loop in its ascender and connects to the next letter from its crossbar. The letter 'r' is unique in this model as it is the only letter that starts with a curved entry stroke at the x-height.