Louise Font


Loise is a handwritten script, a digitized version of the typeface designed by Ange Degheest.

During his years of teaching at the School of Fine Arts in Rennes, between 1961 and 1979, Ange Degheest returned to engraving, and to the work of Robert Cordier, a 17th century engraver, who had marked his years of apprenticeship at the Shom. In addition to maps, he engraves models of handwriting by master writers, and in particular the Italian letters of Louis Barbedor, which inspired Ange Degheest to create a new typeface. She emphasizes the monolinear aspect of writing and builds her design on a mechanical structure, reminiscent of the aesthetic of neon signs.

In 1972, Ange Degheest offered this typeface to Mecanorma, a French graphic supplies company that was booming at the time. Louise will be distributed on transfer letter plates and will enter the original characters of the Norma Type catalog. the name of the character is a direct reference to the first name of Barbedor but also to the woman of letters Louise Michel, of whom Ange Degheest was a fervent reader.