Pixel Code Font


Pixel Code is a monospace pixel art style programming font which is designed to maximize readability and code-friendliness, while sticking to a pixel grid.

Each glyph was carefully designed to be as legible as possible, with special consideration given to their roles in programming. Furthermore, the OpenType Contextual Alternates feature has been leveraged to provide pseudo-kerning, eliminating uneven gaps caused by thin letters like 'i' and 'l', while avoiding the need to reduce their legibility by making them wider.

Pixel Code also includes a full set of programming ligatures inspired by those in fonts like Fira Code. Ligatures reduce visual noise, consolodating the meanings of multi-glyph structures automatically, so that the programmer's brain can spend more of its resources on actually programming.

I hope you enjoy the font, I put a lot of work in to it!