Pitagon Sans Text Typeface


Pitagon Sans Text is a fresh take on geometric sans serif styles, contains the Pitagon Design Principles embodied in the Pitagon Design System (Pi Design System). Pitagon Sans Text is implemented and inspired by open source font sets like as Futura, Plus Jakarta Sans. The font set is used in the context of specific use of text such as paragraphs, descriptions, subtitles, etc.

Taking inspiration in Futura with almost mono linear contrast and pointy curves, the font set consists of modern and clean cut forms, the x-height dimension slightly taller to provide clear spaces between caps and x-height, and also equipped with open counters and balanced spaces to preserve the legibility at a large range of sizes. The font set also conveys well the brand message of Pitagon is "BREAKTHROUGH the limits".

Pitagon Sans Mono is a part of the Pitagon font set, which be used in Pi Design System.