Orelega Font


Orelega is a whimsical Clarendon font with great oversized ears based on Sagona Extra Bold by René Bieder. Everything has been redrawn from the ground up, with many new aesthetic changes in letterform, such as:

the completely slabby serifs without round corners, except for very large serifs in “E”, “F”, “T”, and “Z”
the cursive-inspired “Q”
the more traditional Clarendon “R”
the fancier “&”
the uninterrupted slash
the (relatively) open apertures on “c” and “e”
the even bigger ear on “g”
less clashy ligatures, even with accented “i”
more contemporary Sulzbacher (3-like) “ß” (plus the new capital “ẞ”)
the completely original and even earier diacritical marks (like cedilla, tilde and ogonek).

However, it lacks many extra features of Sagona, like full weights, italics, swash letters, small caps, all-caps alternates, and other stylistic alternates.