NaN Holo Gigawide Ultra Font


NaN Holo is a replicant-inspired fleshy neo-grotesk font in proportional and monospaced styles. The font is built on an industrial frame with biological forms disrupting an otherwise tensely machined flow. The question is: does it pass your Voight-Kampff test?

With its rectangular counters and round curves, Holo applies a construction rarely seen in the neo-grotesk genre. This novelty gives it an atemporal spirit that makes you wonder if you are peering at something either very new or that you have known for ages. A « it was meant to exist » vibe.

The strength of Holo lies in its surprising versatility. When used large the tension between its voluntarily inconsistent rounded and squared details brings surprise, character and warmth. But when used small, all those details blend together in the background and Holo becomes a quieter sturdy work-horse, allowing a fluid reading experience while keeping a healthy amount of personality. But Holo’s personality doesn’t only rely on details. A key element of this family is its proportions. With wider-than-usual capitals, it gives a subtle and confident breath to the text rhythm which shows in its comfortable yet lively regularity.

If Holo does one thing, it’s delivering. It’s reliable, human, original but not loud. Think about your favorite hairdresser that you’ve known for years. Holo is the AI recommended automaton which replaced your hairdresser without you even noticing.

Doubling down on the machine side of the family, Holo Mono is the code running in the machine mind. But one will be surprised to find life and humanity even in this code, because what are machines if not images of ourselves, and what are we if not images of God?