Moreno Typeface


Moreno is a semi serif typeface full of personality and flavor designed with the idea of a display typeface - free and informal. Although it is free and playful, Moreno can be used for a longer text as well.

Free version includes Moreno Extra Thin in 4 styles - Rust and Rough. Full typeface comes in 8 carefully chosen weights from XThin to Black plus their matching italics. Together with the 4 additional styles, Moreno becomes a diverse type family of 80 fonts suitable for a wide range of design needs like retail. package, food, branding etc.

Moreno comes with extensive OpenType support - with more than 15 OpenType features, Moreno is giving you a great variety of stylistic alternatives as well as wide range of ligatures, tabular lining numerals, old style numerals, fractions and many more.With its language support - over 200 languages (Cyrillic included) - it is ready for world domination!