Joongnajoche Typeface

joongnajoche font

Joongnajoche is a typeface that visually symbolizes the used "country." Lively feel of traditional markets where you buy, sell, and bargain. Familiar feeling like a shop that has long been in a neighborhood. The typeface uses the external characteristics of the used country symbol to create a cool and lively feeling.

It is a typeface that gives a basic 2,350 characters, additional 309 characters, 94 English characters, and 981 characters. Designed in Medium and Light weights. Medium is a font that is appropriate for headings. If you use it in a large size, you can use the personality of the middle and middle body well. The Light, a thin font that contrasts with the thickness of Medium and is suitable for text.

Joongnajoche is a typeface that gives a cool feeling with plenty of inner space.