Miracode Font


Miracode is a sharp, readable, vector-y version of Monocraft font, the programming font based on Minecraft.


  • Like Monocraft, but readable!
    • The characters in this font are based on Monocraft which is based on the typeface used in the Minecraft UI
    • Each of the 1500+ glyphs included in this font have been carefully redesigned to work in a monospaced font
    • Thin characters like "i" and "l" have been reworked with tasteful tails and serifs to look better in a monospaced environment
  • Angular!
    • Miracode uses a special algorithm to convert the pixels that make up each character into a series of lines and curves. This gives each character a unique, angular look that is sure to make your code stand out
  • Programming ligatures!
    • Add some spice to your programming life with all new ligature characters
    • Arrows now look like arrows and comparison operators are easier to see at a glance
    • Plus, Miracode includes some ligatures that are not available in Monocraft such as a ligature for "TODO:" and "NOTE:"