Monocraft Font


Monocraft is a programming font based on the typeface used in Minecraft.


  • Minecraft!
    • The characters in this font were based around the typeface used in the Minecraft UI, with a select few glyphs updated for better readability and spacing
  • Monospaced!
    • Each character has been carefully redesigned to work in a monospaced font
    • Thin characters like "i" and "l" have been reworked with tasteful tails and serifs to look better in a monospaced environment
  • Programming ligatures!
    • Add some spice to your programming life with all new ligature characters
    • Arrows now look like arrows and comparison operators are easier to see at a glance

Notice: This project is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang in any way and is exclusively a fan project. This font emulates the typeface of the font used in the Minecraft UI, but it does not include any assets or font files from the original game.