Martian Mono Typeface


Martian Mono is a monospaced typeface family consisting of a variable font and 28 styles: Condensed to Wide, Thin to Extra Bold. It’s not a neutral font, but despite this, it remains suitable for reading. Overhanging terminals, a closed aperture, and an almost complete lack of contrast lead to slightly brutal and assertive aesthetics.

The typeface features a tall x-height, and it has vertical metrics which guarantee equal space is present above the cap height and under the baseline. The latter makes this typeface an on-screen workhorse: it is evenly placed on buttons, inputs, lists, and forms. When coupled together, all the above features make Martian Mono a reasonable choice for any user interface design.

This version of Martian Mono contains only basic Latin, figures, punctuation, and essential symbols. Ligatures for code, italics, and other languages support is in progress.