Playwrite Polska Font


Playwrite is a typeface engine that allows the creation of primary school cursive fonts.

Poland’s podstawa programowa, or core curriculum, is published by the Ministerstwo, and available online where it is continuously maintained. It mentions handwriting education very briefly, stating that the country’s goal is that students must learn to write by hand, legibly and fluently, in sentences and continuous text.

In Poland, the prevalent model for handwriting education is a loop-less, fully-joined vertical cursive, and students are taught upper and lowercases simultaneously. Handwriting primers show samples of this style, alongside instructions on how to draw them. When it comes to reading, students learn that through a serif typeface.

This vertical continuous cursive features decorative uppercase letters, with 'G', 'J', and 'Y' having descender loops that facilitate connections to subsequent letters. The lowercases have medium to long extenders and a restrained appearance. Ascenders are loopless, except for 'f', while 'g', 'j', and 'y' include looped descenders that complement the style of their corresponding uppercase forms. The letter 'k' is constructed in two strokes, and 'm', 'n', and 'r' start with curved entry strokes.