Luculent Typeface


Luculent is a font family of scalable (vector), monospaced, geometric sans-serif screen fonts designed for programmers. It's a pleasant looking typeface that could stand up to many hours a day of scrutiny.

A complete Luculent family of matching regular, italic, bold, and bold-italic styles is included for use in syntax highlighting. The bolds have increased stroke contrast and are designed to be heavy enough to make keywords stand out while still being legible. The italics change the forms of the lower case Latin and Cyrillic letters in ways that go beyond simple obliquing.

The glyphs of Luculent for each character (especially the most common ones) have been carefully chosen to be as distinct as from each other as possible. Periods and colons have slightly exaggerated dots. Curly braces are curly. Semicolons, commas and apostrophes have long tails, etc.