Intel One Mono Typeface


Intel One Mono is an expressive monospaced font family that’s built with clarity, legibility, and the needs of developers in mind.

It’s easier to read, and available for free, with an open-source font license.

Identifying the typographically underserved low-vision developer audience, The Intel Brand Team designed the Intel One Mono typeface together with VMLY&R and Frere-Jones Type, for maximum legibility to address developers' fatigue and eyestrain and reduce coding errors. A panel of low-vision and legally blind developers provided feedback at each stage of design.

Intel One Mono also covers a wide range of over 200 languages using the Latin script. The Intel One Mono fonts are provided in four weights — Light, Regular, Medium, and Bold — with matching italics, and we are happy to share both an official release of fonts ready to use as well as editable sources.