LINE Seed Typeface


LINE Seed is LINE’s new typeface that was created based on the brand's convenient usability and friendly identity. The word "Seed" represents the idea of growing together with our users, expressing the hope that the seeds planted firmly in LINE’s services will sprout and bear fruit.  All the fonts of LINE Seed have the same DNA, and the balanced volume and weight ensures a harmony without requiring extra adjustments so that the text’s texture looks the same even when different languages are put side by side.

LINE Seed is a geometric typeface with some Gothic influences and an emphasis on simplicity. It’s designed to look familiar to everyone in a variety of places. The LINE logo’s straight form has been maintained while also emphasizing clear curves, resulting in a functional typeface with great readability, usability, and legibility.

LINE Seed has been created in various languages to deliver a consistent message to our global users. The typeface was designed based on typographical elements as well as morphological elements in order to be read in a unified and natural way while maintaining the unique form and function of the characters in each writing system.