Elstob Typeface


Elstob is a variable font for medievalists (named for the eighteenth-century Anglo-Saxonist Elizabeth Elstob) based on the Double Pica commissioned by Bishop John Fell in the seventeenth century, cut by the Dutch designer Peter De Walpergen, and used by the Oxford University Press in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Wherever possible, it is based on a specimen printed in 1925 with type cast in the 1890s from the seventeenth-century matrices.

Elstob is a variable font, with weights ranging from ExtraLight to ExtraBold, optical sizes from "Fine Print" (circa 6 points) to "Display" (circa 18 points or greater) and also a grade axis (1-500).

Elstob font is intended to contain all Unicode characters commonly used by medievalists. In addition, it includes the complete Unicode Runic range and all characters used in the International Phonetic Alphabet.