Goatsica Font


Introducing Goatsica - an experimental and original accent font for display and printing!

Goatsica is a humorous combination of Gothic and Helvetica. the resulting font has a tendency to the left, bold and shaggy. The non-standard inclination to the left is one of the distinctive features of the font that falls on the cheeky abnormality. In addition, the font stands out for its additional closed aperture, high contrast and sharpness. Interestingly, Goatsica does an exceptional job of combining curves and clear forms, which makes it very malicious and unusual for 1920s propaganda posters.

When developing Goatsica, we sought to investigate if Gothic would become a totalitarian and demonic punk, rejecting its compliance and compromise. So, we filled the new font with a radical personality and put its expressive elements in the centre of attention.

This stylish font is ideal for working with layouts, whether print or web formats. Goatsica can serve as accent fonts.