Filidron Font


Filidron typeface is inspired by the heavy typography on the covers of Lem's books and movie posters based on his works. After the transformation, the heavy typeface, which already has some features of a being, becomes a robot or another hero of Lem's books, inspired by the drawings of the writer himself, illustrator Daniel Mróz and the covers of Lem's books by other artists. The typeface is dedicated to graphic designers (as well as designers of typefaces used by them in their projects) and illustrators who, in the great writer's heyday, depicted his prose with lettering or illustrations.

The typeface name comes from a story in „The Cyberiad”. Filidron was one of the things, that the machine constructed by Trurl had removed. We don’t know what Filidron actually was, maybe it looked like one of my letters (-: