Go Mono Typeface


Go Mono is a monospaced typeface, so each letter has the same width as the other letters. Monospaced fonts have been used in programming since the beginning of computing and are still widely used because the typewriter regularity of their spacing makes text align in columns and rows.

The Go Mono fonts have slab-shaped serifs, giving them a sturdy appearance.

The underlying letter shapes of Go Mono are, like the Go sans-serif fonts, derived from humanist handwriting, but the monospacing and slab serifs tend to obscure the historical and stylistic connections.

Go Mono Italics are oblique versions of the romans, with the exception that the italic lowercase 'a' is redesigned as a cursive single-story form to harmonize with the bowl shapes of the b d g p q. The cursive 'a' makes the italics appear more lively than a simply slanted roman. As with many sans-serif fonts, it is believed that slanted roman slab-serifs fonts may be more legible than truly "cursive" italics.

Go Mono fonts have two weights: Normal and Bold. The normal weight stem is the same as in Go Normal and thus maintains clarity on backlit screens, which tend to erode letter features and stem thickness. The bold stem thickness is 1.5 times thicker than the normal weight, hence the Bold Mono has the same stem thickness as Bold Go proportional.