Garinel­do Typeface


Garineldo is a fancy and elegant font family. It comes with Script and Serif fonts.

Garineldo Script is a dec­o­ra­tive Italic which includes No01 & No02 styles with many alter­nate glyphs, ter­mi­nal forms and lig­a­tures. You can play with Garineldo (styl­is­tic sets and dis­cre­tionary lig­a­tures) or try GarineldoNo01 with con­tex­tual, dec­o­ra­tive alternates. GarineldoNo02 sim­i­lar to GarineldoNo01, but swashes com­pat­i­bles with font Garinel­doSC.

Garinel­doSC is a small ­caps serif with 7 styl­is­tic sets and dec­o­ra­tive con­tex­tual alter­nates.