FRB American Cursive


FRB American Cursive is an extremely technically complex cursive font family that consists of 50+ fonts. It is in the style of a "textbook hand", a font family used primarily for education. However, it can be used anywhere a cursive is called for.

I call it an "American" cursive not out of any sense of patriotism, but out of a sense of the history of textbook hands: this font most heavily takes its design inspiration from Zaner–Bloser cursive. However, I also integrated elements of D'Nealian and Palmer Method. What this means is that FRB American Cursive is a traditional American textbook hand which puts a lot of emphasis on the idea that the writer should lift their hand from the page as seldom as possible. Using OpenType Layout, I made it so each glyph has at least 3 versions. Unlike many textbook hands, even educational ones, my font connects capital letters and lowercase letters. It connects some capital letters with each other where possible as well.

Some styles of FRB American Cursive rely on new font technologies that may not work on all legacy systems. Especially the color fonts may not be supported on all systems. However, FRB American Cursive is a standard OpenType font family. OpenType support is absolutely mandatory mandatory for this font: there is no expectation of proper display without OpenType Layout support. The best tested target is HarfBuzz.

FRB American Cursive supports Latin and Cyrillic.