Duvel Typeface


Duvel is a type family inspired by the flemish city of Ghent. Its origines are engraved letters seen is the oldest part of the town. There is the contrast between thick and thin that was present in the original engravings. This made this alphabet quasi monolinear. Afterwards, gothic inspirations appeared.

There were only capitals in the original engravings,  declined all the lowercases, keeping the caps at the x-height, as small caps. The result is a rather ornemental alphabet, with structures sometimes gothic, sometimes organic. There are alternates for almost all the letters. An opentype features allows to change the aspect of a letter each time it appears in a word. Also, titling ligatures and dingbats has been added to the project.

A sans version declined from this titling typeface. It would accompany it to compose longer texts. Finally, a technic accident made the shapes of the flourish version appear, an extrem titling version.

The 3 fonts form a family very characteristic, reserved principally for titling, with the sans version that could suffer longer texts. Last, this family got its name from a beer brewed in the city of Ghent, the Duvel, unterstand "the devil".