Director Typeface


Director is a monospaced serif font family, a revival of the typeface designed by Ange Degheest.

Following years of collaboration with Enric Crous-Vidal, and through her husband, the industrialist Hermann Degheest, Ange Degheest was entrusted with the creation of the Director character for a new model of typewriters from the Swiss company Hermes-Paillard. The Hermes 3000 and Hermes Média, marketed from 1958, innovated in the portable machine segment, notably offering a wide choice of writing styles. Ange Degheest must design a typography whose forms respond to the prestige and authority induced by the name "Director". It therefore takes the technical constraints of producing a typewriter font against the grain and offers an elegant character, marked by strong contrasts between full and hairlines, offset by serifs and rounded endings.

Digitization: Justine Herbel & May Jolivet