DINish Typeface


The DINish font is a sans serif typeface derived from Altinn-DIN, which in turn is based on Datto's D-DIN.

The name DINish refers to the fact that the typeface looks like DIN 1451. Actually, a quick comparison with the standard as can be found in historic sources shows DINish to not be fully compatible with the standard, at least not as it was in 1936. That is probably a good thing.

Reading the DIN 1451 standard with modern eyes reveals that it is more like a lettering standard for technical drawings than a typeface specification. The standard has no concern for how the brain processes shapes and whitespace. DINish was drawn with the human reader in mind, with subtle but loving exceptions to the rigid grid-and-ruler specification from the Deutsche Norm. That said, it retains DIN's clarity and as such it is a typeface with a purpose, if not a mission.

DINish is available in three widths: standard, Condensed and Expanded. The standard width roughly matches DIN Mittelschrift, the Condensed width roughly matches the DIN Engschrift, and Expanded is like DIN Breitschrift (rarely used in Germany, actually). There are Regular, Bold and Italic variants; the only combination that is missing is Condensed Italic.