AR One Sans Typeface


The AR One Sans type family is for use in augmented reality environments and user interfaces. Its low contrast, generous spacing and robust shapes make it work well in busy backgrounds with high readability. The design of letterforms is based on ongoing research and thorough testing on various devices ranging from high-end headsets to low-resolution smartphone-based devices. It has optical weights for high and low-resolution duplexed to avoid text reflow, making it easy to deliver a seamless user experience across platforms/devices. The functionality of the text has been tested thoroughly to make the reading experience better even in longer texts.

The rapid evolution of technology has prompted the type industry to consistently produce typefaces that are optimized for various environments and devices. AR One Sans is a font family that is specifically designed to support augmented and virtual reality environments, helping a wide range of users overcome technical limitations by providing a better reading experience. The font is not limited to AR and VR applications, and can also be used in contexts such as automobile dashboards, signage, and mobile applications.