Digit Tech Typeface


Digit Tech is a display typeface that offers two styles, regular and italic, and a range of options including 7-, 9-, 14-, and 16-segment. The fonts have a consistent grid size, allowing for seamless switching between them. Additionally, the font supports four writing systems: Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, and Katakana (16-segment only).

Digit Tech is designed for precision and clarity, ensuring optimal readability in various digital contexts. The modular design allows each segment to form cohesive and legible numerals, making it an ideal choice for electronic displays, digital clocks, signage, and any application requiring numerical representation.

The font's adaptability shines through in its different segment variations. The 7-segment option is sleek and minimal, perfect for compact displays, while the 16-segment version provides a high level of detail for more intricate designs. The 9- and 14-segment options offer a balanced middle ground, catering to a range of visual preferences.

With Digit Tech designers have the power to customize digital displays with a font that adapts effortlessly to diverse specifications, providing unparalleled flexibility for digital applications.