Gajraj One Font


Gajraj (meaning, the King of Elephants) is a Latin display typeface with Devanagari language support. The design is envisioned for large hoardings, signage and print collaterals for branding & advertisements. Being one of my first attempts on the Devanagari script, the font is released as a single variant display typeface.

The OpenType features and naming conventions are adapted from the works of EkType foundry's Devanagari typefaces like Baloo and Mukta. Taking a step further, I have tried to implement a "Repeating pattern bridge" technique for (almost) unlimited small-ikar matra variants. This technique uses a left arm, a right arm, and intermediate repeating horizontal blocks to form a complete matra of desired width. The technique requires only a few glyphs, and is largely controlled by the OpenType rules. The purpose is to save some file size here. I have also developed a small php program for generating these matra rules. (More details to come separately on this technique).