Diether Typeface


Diether draws her inspiration from both mountaineering and functionalism. These two universes share a common desire for maximum simplification, highlighting the essential. In mountaineering, this simplicity is crucial to minimize the weight carried during the ascent. Functionalism, on the other hand, favors the analysis and understanding of the different functions of a system without adding superfluous elements.

Diether applies this efficiency ideal by using a square grid that makes her work more readable and easy to perform. His creations are designed to be simple and effective, adapted to all contexts.

This typography includes 4 styles: static, italics, static round and italic round (round=rounded inner edges). These 4 styles have 5 greases: Thin, Light, Medium, Bold and Heavy. This typography is made for titling from a body of 30 or more and will perfectly match a character called «readability».