Commit Mono Font


Commit Mono is an anonymous and neutral coding font focused on creating a better reading experience.

The most effective font is the one you don’t notice. No super high x-height, no geometric construction, no eye-catching design and no confusing ligatures. Designed to be neutral and anonymous, Commit Mono is quietly useful.

All research suggests the most familiar fonts are the ones you read fastest and most precisely. Commit Mono takes inspiration in fonts tested by time.

Commit Mono uses an innovative technique to improve kerning. Kerning is crucial for effecient reading, but it’s not possible if you want a monospaced font. ‘Smart Kerning’ combats this by sliding letters to better spacing positions – all while preserving monospacing. This gives Commit Mono a superior reading experience compared to other monospaced fonts.

Commit Mono is designed and tested for code first. Characters frequently used in code have been given extra care to look distinct and neat. With simple letter constructions and confident choices Commit Mono emphasizes character distinction without compromising style consistency.