Codetta Typeface


Codetta is a monospaced coding font with special ligatures for C#. The C# programming language uses a lot of character pairs to form special operators like two plus glyphs '++' to increment a value, two equal glyphs '==' to check for equality or the equal and greater glyph '=>' for the lambda operator. Codetta combines these and 8 further combinations to ligatures to improve code readability and productivity.

Starting point in the development of Codetta was Abobe's open source font Source Sans Pro. The font metrics and most of the glyphs were strongly revised to meet the compactness and space efficiency of Consolas. Care was taken, that the font looks good at typically used font sizes (9 pt., 10 pt.) in Visual Studio and that the font works well with ClearType.

The width of the ligatures is double the size of a regular character. This guaranties that any code formatting is preserved when switching from a font without ligatures to Codetta. Nevertheless, Codetta can help saving space, because ligatures, which always start or terminate a clause are shifted left or right respectively, so that leading or trailing blanks can be omitted and the code is still easily readable.