Teachers Fonts


The Teachers font is an educational font family created for use by publishers, teachers, students and parents of children in grades K through 6.

It is a clean geometric sans serif font intended to represent the letterforms of the alphabet as American children are taught to draw them in grade school. The font family was thoughtfully brought to life by a team of educators, designers and editors in 2023 for use in magazines and books, but is also well suited for class worksheets, newsletters, websites and other instructional and educational purposes.

The Teachers font comes in 8 styles: Regular, SemiBold, Bold and ExtraBold, plus Italics for each. It is also available in Variable font format with an adjustable weight axis allowing designers more control over the display of the font.

The Teachers fonts and refined character sets were assembled by font designer Chank Diesel, making edits and updates to the previously existing opensource fonts Glacial Indifference (Regular and Bold) by Alfredo Marco Pradil of Hanken Design Co.