Chiaroscuro Typeface


Chiaroscuro is an experimental geometric typeface with rounded corners. The name of the font was taken from the traditional art technique called Chiaroscuro, which means use of the deep variations in and subtle graduations of light and shade, especially to enhance the delineation of character and for general dramatic effect.

The font was named Chiaroscuro because similar to the technique of dramatic contrast between light and dark, the font also uses heavy strokes and contrastingly light strokes to provide a notably visible contrast of the letters. The font consists of three stroke weights, which range from heavy to medium to light, all the letters were constructed geometrically with the stroke weights only. To enhance the look and add softness to the font, the corners were rounded whereas the angles were kept sharp.

The font family consists of 20 fonts, from Thin to Black and Extra-condensed to Expanded. Can be used almost everywhere, from heading to logotype to body copy, depending upon the designer's choice.