Be Vietnam Typeface


Be Veitnam is a corporate typeface that is a perfect mixture between technology and humanism, the design must embrace our brand’s spirit, the youthful and modern voice of a tech company. More than that, we aim to design the first functional typeface that is completely made by Vietnamese designers and works seamlessly in any digital or non-digital environment.

The letterforms are clean, modern and straightforward, with a classic touch of humanist grotesque that make the typeface stands between the past and the future. Being made by native Vietnamese designers, it is sure that this typeface is so well-tailored for a smooth reading experience in Vietnamese with carefully-designed diacritics. What makes this typeface so unique, is that it’s functional: The built-in OpenType features help us achieve more, you can now type in symbols or icons with just a simple syntax.

The complete family of "be Vietnam" comes with 7 weights and their matching slanted versions.

Be Vietnam is designed by the internal design team at beGroup Vietnam with Gabriel Lam as the lead principal designer, Tony Le as the Project Manager and Mr. Vietanh Nguyen from who helped us tackled all the engineering issues.

There is also updated and refined version - Be Vietnam Pro font family.