Atkinson Hyperlegible Font


Atkinson Hyperlegible is a typeface created in partnership with Braille Institute. It has been developed specifically to increase legibility for readers with low vision, and to improve comprehension.

Named for the founder of Braille Institute, Atkinson Hyperlegible is a traditional grotesque sans-serif at its core. It departs from tradition to incorporate unambiguous, distinctive elements — and at times, unexpected forms — always with the goal of increasing character recognition, and ultimately improve reading.

Atkinson Hyperlegible differentiates common misinterpreted letters and numbers using various design techniques:

  • Recognizable Footprints: character boundaries clearly defined, ensuring understanding across the visual-ability spectrum;
  • Differentiated letterforms: similar letter pairs are differentiated from each other to dramatically increase legibility;
  • Unambiguous characters designed to increase legibility and distinction;
  • Exaggerated forms: shaping of letters is exaggerated to provide better clarity;
  • Opened Counterspace: open areas of certain letters are expanded to provide greater distinction;
  • Angled spurs and differentiated tails increase recognition and define distinctive style;
  • Circular Details links to the history of Braille Institute and braille dots.

Atkinson Hyperlegible comes with four fonts, including two weights (regular, bold, italics, italics bold), 1,340 total glyphs across all fonts, 335 per font, accent characters supporting 27 languages.