TT Bluescreens Typeface


TT Bluescreens is a geometric sans serif with narrow proportions. The font has a memorable character, while remaining neutral, so it can be used in various design projects.

The range of possibilities of the updated TT Bluescreens has become much wider!

  • Condensed styles with narrowed proportions have been added. The classic styles of TT Bluescreens are universal and suitable for setting both in headings and in text arrays. Condensed styles are intended for non-standard design solutions. In small sizes, they are perceived as if having a texture, thanks to which they can become part of packaging or poster design. In large size they look extraordinary, but they are highly readable and convey information well.
  • Variable font now changes along 3 axes: weight, width and slant. Even more options for those who love variety.
  • The character set of TT Bluescreens was expanded, and additional extended Cyrillic and Latin characters were added.
  • Expanded character set. Each style has 874 characters. This is 253 characters more than it there were in the previous version. New currency signs, arrows, punctuation and fractions were added.
  • Number of OpenType features increased from 18 to 31! The font has become even more functional and convenient thanks to a large number of ligatures, stylistic alternatives and localizations.
  • The quality of the contours has become even higher, diacritics were improved.

The updated TT Bluescreens is suitable for the design of covers and posters, it will look aesthetically pleasing in packaging design. It can be used in the design of titles and disclaimers. Condensed styles are preferably used in large size.

The TT Bluescreens font has 37 styles: 9 upright and 9 italics of standard width, 9 upright and 9 italics in Condensed, 1 variable style. Each style contains 874 characters. The font has 31 OpenType features, including ligatures, stylistic sets, and localizations.