Agane Typeface


Aganè is a tribute to type designer Adrian Frutiger (1918 - 2015), inspired by his font Frutiger (1976) and Avenir (1988).

Designed in 2017 by Danilo De Marco, It was born from a careful study and analysis of the typefaces Noorda Font by Bob Noorda, Avenir and Frutiger by Adrian Frutiger.

Aganè was designed to be used inside wayfinding signage.

Aganè S is a variation of Aganè. In this version have been modified the heights of ascending and descending lines of some lowercase letters: b, d, f, g, h i, k, l, p, q, t and y. This design choice leads to an height variation of all capital letters.

This second variation is suitable for wayfinding signage, because is easier to read and use for the moving user.