Wollstonecraft Romance Font


This typeface was designed during the GRAPH-3859 TYPE DESIGN course in Spring 2022.

> _On a wet day in June of 1816, five youngsters spent three days stuck indoors at Villa Diodati in Cologny, Switzerland, creating stories to entertain each other and challenge their perceptions of the human form. For one of these members, this unplanned story session laid the groundwork for one of the most popular gothic horror novels, Frankenstein._

Wollstonecraft Romance was drawn as a sturdy, grounded text serif with semi-modular components that pays homage to the creation of Frankenstein’s monster. Wide letterforms demand and control the space, giving a sense of the silent threat that The Creature embodied throughout the novel as it lurked in the shadows.

Wollstonecraft Romance typeface features a tall x-height that helps with the legibility of mixed-case and lower-case text. Several OpenType features like discretionary ligatures, slashed zero are also included for typographers’ needs.